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Websites - How much do they really cost?

When an individual or company sets out to create a new website or update their current's important to figure out all your costs.

Each website requires a Domain Name and a Hosting company.  There's no way around this.

A Domain name is the 'address' to your website.

A hosting company provides you with the space needed on the Internet.

Domain Names:

Did you know Domain names are controlled by only 3 companies around the world?

There are several companies that will "rent" you a Domain name.  In reality they are given the right to rent only certain domain names.  This is why you may come up with a new domain name and it isn't available, besides the obvious that someone else already has it.

When considering a domain name, it should play a big part in the subject matter of your website.  Let's not forget that some names have become more valuable than others.  For these you will be asked to pay outrageous prices.  On the average - a domain name should only cost you approximately $10 a year.

Hosting Sites:

A hosting company provides space on several servers or computers connected to the internet at all times.  If, at any time, these servers/computers go off-line or hacked by an outside source -- your website is compromised and will go off-line (will no longer be seen on the internet).

You will normally be asked how large do you expect your website to be...this will tell the hosting company how much space you require.  Normally the larger the space, the larger the price.

When choosing a hosting company - you need to consider:

  • Size and Cost
  • Security
  • Do they have employees working 24/7 (in case there's a problem)
  • How/where do they store your site
  • Do they have a back-up system
  • What action plan do they have incase they are hacked?
  • Reliability

You can actually find great hosting companies that charge only $5.00 - $10.00 a month.


To have a unique site, created from scratch, it can cost you anywhere from $2,000 - $50,000.

Why does a website cost so much?

  • You're paying for years of education/training of a webmaster
  • It takes time to create all the graphics
  • It takes time to create all the code
  • The site has to be compatible with all the electronic devices that will show your site online.
  • The site needs to have everything needed for all the search engines
  • Let's not forget content!
  • Photography - quality pictures are now a requirement for a professional site
  • Programs the site is created in

Some companies ask for a monthly maintenance fee.  When this happens, you have to find out what you're paying for.

  • If you have purchased your domain name and paying for hosting fees on an annual basis, what does the monthly fee include?

Website companies:

When you hire a webmaster (individual or company) you need to be educated enough to ask all the questions:

  1. Will your site be as unique as your business or content?
  2. What is the projected time-line to create your site.  (Here you will need to expect to be asked - who will be providing content, pictures, etc.  Plus what type of site do you want - information, advertisement or an online store.)
  3. How long have they been in business?
  4. What is included in their price?
  5. How long will it take to make changes to your site?
  6. Is there a maintenance fee?  If so, how much?
  7. Do you have a back-up in case something goes wrong and the hosting company has a problem?

I've heard horror stories where a company demands a monthly maintenance fee and it could take weeks to update a customer's website.  Plus one company didn't maintain back-up copies of their clients sites, causing a complete redesign and creation to get their site back up online.

Merical Marketing Communications started in 1999 - serving small businesses and non-profits.  All companies that couldn't afford the high prices of the major website companies.  We take pride in providing sites at 1/4th the average price of creating a site.

Think about what your message is before starting.




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